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Your consistent letters and messages of love and support are instrumental in giving hope to your child. Mission of Hope children know that they are being sponsored and are very proud of their sponsorship. They love to hear from their sponsors throughout the school year. Be encouraging, tell them about you and your family, describe special holiday and family customs, include a bible verse that has special meaning to you and tell them why, tell them that you are praying for them, and most importantly ask questions. Encourage your child to write back and/or draw pictures for you. Please be sensitive to their economic situation. Avoid discussing the material aspects of your life, sending photos that show your possessions, sharing your home address, email address, or telephone numbers, using colloquialisms and slang, and suggesting your child come for a visit or promising to send them things.

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Success Story

Meet Rosemarthe, Macdaline and Cindylove

"My name is Rosemarthe Dumezy (pictured far left). I have gone to Mission of Hope since 7th grade. It is a good school, and I love it so much. We have good principals and competent teachers. I am in the 13th grade, and Mission of Hope teaches me to love people more and respect my professors. It is the best school in the community. It also permits me to develop my education and teaches me more about God."

"Hello! I’m Macdaline Joseph (pictured in the center). I love my school so much because I have a good teacher. I started school at Mission of Hope in 7th grade, and now I am in Philo, the 13th grade. School as allowed me to advance in my education. It has taught me to respect people and succeed in my life. At Mission of Hope I learn how to pray to God and how to respect my friends and neighborhood. WOW! I love Mission of Hope School."

"I am Cindylove Jean Louis. Going to school has done many things for me. It has helped me live my life well. I have gone to Mission of Hope from Kindergarten through 13th grade. Without education you will have nothing in life. It renders me to worship the Lord. Each Monday and Friday, I can hear words to know God is alive. I love my school so much. Thank you Mission of Hope."

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