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New Sight at the Eye Clinic

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There was an 80 year old Haitian woman who was very nearsighted. Without her glasses, she was legally blind. Through our mobile vision clinic, she was fitted with a pair of glasses. As she stepped outside, she smiled from ear to ear and the turned back around to give the medical team a huge hug. We exist for stories like this.

Other Medical updates:

Mobile Clinic in Titanyen

We had a mobile clinic in Titanyen last week! In the 2 days, there were 255 patients seen & 9 who accepted Christ! God is so good!

Mobile Clinic in Leveque

We had a mobile clinic in Leveque this week! In 3 days we saw 350 patients & 26 people accepted Christ!

Mobile Medical Clinic in Turpin

We had a mobile clinic in Turpin Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday of this week... 320 patients were seen & 23 accepted Christ!! What an amazing week!

Summer Medical Update

We have been able to reach many people through our medical program! So far this summer we have served about 4500 people at mobile clinics, we have had 130 salvations and our medical outreach program has grown to 20 patients! God is GOOD!

Mobile Clinic in Fovo

We had a Mobile Clinic in Fovo last week. 200 patients were seen in the 2 days & 9 of these patients accepted Jesus!

Mobile Clinic in Thomas

We had a mobile clinic in a new village last week called Thomas. There were a total of 135 patients seen in the two days we were there & 10 who accepted Christ!! God is so GOOD!

Mobile Clinic in Monaville

We had a mobile clinic in Monaville this past Wednesday and Thursday. In 2 days, 265 patients were seen & 13 dedicated their lives to follow Christ! PRAISE THE LORD FOR TRANSFORMED LIVES!

Medical Outreach Program

Yesterday morning our Medical Outreach team went to an orphanage in Williamson to love on the kids and check up on their health. Such an awesome team and program!!

Mobile Clinic in Cabaret

We had an AMAZING week of mobile clinics last week in Cabaret!! The medical team saw approximately 530 patients & 12 of those people accepted Christ! WOW!! GOD IS SO GOOD!

Mobile Clinic in Zorange

Last week Wednesday and Thursday we had a mobile clinic in Zorange. This building on top of the hill is where we held the mobile clinic, and it is also their church and school. We saw 200 patients and 5 who accepted Christ!!!

Mobile Clinic in Minoterie

Last week a mobile clinic was held in Minoterie. We took a mega phone into the streets of the village in the morning to announce the mobile clinic & a ton of people showed up!! We saw about about 200 people & had someone come to know Jesus Christ. Praise God!

Portable Ultrasound Machine

The new portable ultrasound machine has arrived at MOH! We are so excited to have this device and are thankful for Hope Imaging, the organization that will be doing the training!

Thank You!

We want to say a big THANK YOU to Andrew at Discount Cardiology for donating the EKG machines to The Clinic of Hope. We are going to be starting an EKG training class for the staff in a couple of months.

Mobile Clinic - Source Matelas

Last week we took our Mobile Clinic to Source Matelas and Minoterie! Check out this photo of one our our team members, interns and Pastor Lickenson praying with a patient who just accepted Christ!! 500 patients were seen and 15 accepted Christ into their life! God is so Good!

Mobile Clinic Update

AWESOME HAITI NEWS! In the last 3 weeks, we were able to bring mobile clinics to the villages of Turpin, Monaville, Cabaret, Titanyen, & Leveque!! We saw 1,500 patients and witnessed 30 people come to know Jesus! PRAISE THE LORD FOR ALL HE'S DOING!!

Mobile Clinic in Turpin

Take a look at this photo of the triage tables at the Mobile Clinic that was set up in Turpin. We had 18 North American team members here this week! They were able to see around 115 patients yesterday, all in about 5 hours!!

Mobile Clinic

Harvest Christian Fellowship from Riverside, CA is going to be doing a mobile clinic this week in Turpin!! We are so thankful for all of the medication they brought with them to MOH!

Dr. Stan

We are always so blessed to have all our medical mission volunteers come and serve the Haitian people! This week, visiting cardiologist Dr. Stan is donating his time and skills to help diagnose heart issues in Haiti!

To The Ends Of The Earth‬

Our medical and prosthetics team had the privilege to visit and treat an orphanage on the remote island of La Gonave over the weekend! ‪

Medical Movements

We are very grateful for the 10 member medical team that came with the St. Johns youth group this week. The medical team consists of a MD, several RNs & EMTs, a paramedic, and a PT. They have taught training courses for two days which included First Aid, CPR, and an Advanced Life Support class for the clinic medical professionals at MOH! In total, 67 persons were trained at our First Aid and CPR classes!!! The group also performed an orphanage medical outreach with us the day after they arrived and did a mobile medical outreach to the Minoterie village yesterday. Three team members stayed back at the mission to educate our Village of Hope kids on proper health decisions. This group, lead by Dr. Bryan Delage, also donated a laptop, projector, adult and infant mannikins, AHA CPR books, and First Aid manuals so that we can keep training in Haiti. They've been busy and extremely helpful! Join MOH as we recognize all their efforts and show our gratitude for all their hard work!

Heal the Sick

This is Lovely, she is two years old and arrived at the Clinic on Friday. She was suffering from Cholera and Severe Acute Malnutrition. We are blessed to have an ambulance that got her to a Cholera Treatment Center just in time! ‎


Gaby had a successful gallbladder surgery last Saturday and is currently in recovery. His gallstones were the size and color of red and black cherries! As many already know, the fact that Gaby actually had surgery was a giant miracle due to the selfless efforts of a newly met surgeon Dr. Mark from the US helping to arrange it after many delays!

Thicker Than Blood

Gaby, a long-time clinic patient with Sickle Cell Anemia, was in the hospital needing blood transfusions and the Haitian Red Cross was out of blood. We had nine courageous staff members, interns, and even some team members step up and give blood to Gaby!

Happy National Nurses Day!

We are so grateful to ALL the nurses who have served with Mission of Hope over the years and the ones that continue to serve with us on a weekly basis!! You have provided countless opportunities for Haitians to witness the love and healing work of our Great Physician! We are forever in debt to your sacrifices! Thank you!

900 Patients!!

We had over 900 patients this past week at our Mobile Clinics! Praise God for our faithful Haitian staff who worked seamlessly with our medical teams!

Clinic in Titanyen!

We just had our first mobile clinic at Pastor Kelly's church in Titanyen, Haiti! We were able to minister to over 900 people through mobile medical outreach this past week, with 8 recorded salvations, many more spiritually encouraged, and all prayed for! Please continue to pray with us as we do two days of mobile clinic outreach at the North Campus for the Bercy residents this Monday and Tuesday!

Training Day

Our translators are being equipped and trained in first aid and medical terminology so they can better serve in mobile clinics!

35 New Believers!

This past week Mission of Hope sent a team to the mountains for a mobile clinic. After two days in Turpin and two days in Monaville, the week was a success! Each patient was able to see a doctor, receive medication (if needed) and then spend a few moments with our prayer team. Over the course of the four days, 35 people received Christ for the very first time!! This is true Life Transformation...both physical AND spiritual!

Dentist Visit

We are so grateful to have Dr Kreg Boynton, DDS at Mission of Hope this week. Dr Kreg and his dental assistant, Tabitha, spent their week volunteering in our dental lab.

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