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Sponsorship FAQs

+ How do I give sponsorship funds?

A School of Hope Student sponsorship is $35 per month/per student and a Village of Hope Orphan sponsorship is $50 per month up to $250 per month.

There are a few convenient options for giving sponsorship funds. We encourage sponsors to give electronically through our donation page.

If you desire to give by check, please mail your check to:

Mission of Hope, Haiti

P.O. Box 171500

Austin, TX 78717-1500

Please remember to include your student’s full name and sponsorship number with your check. Additional information, such as the purpose of the gift (i.e. monthly sponsorship gift, Christmas fund, etc.), should be included to ensure proper handling.

+ Does my sponsorship cover all of my student’s school expenses?

Your sponsorship does not cover all of your sponsored student’s expenses for school. The students and their families are asked to provide a small fee equivalent to $3-6 USD. This request is very intentional and is in line with Mission of Hope, Haiti’s vision and mission. We call it Indigenous Mobilization, which is our way of strategically developing national leaders to carry the vision to the nation. When students pay for a portion of their school fees, they naturally take more ownership and place greater value on their education.

We do know that some students will not be able to pay these requested fees. Our School of Hope staff are the best equipped to validate these needs and provide the appropriate amount of support. Therefore, we ask that students go to our Haitian staff at the School of Hope to make their needs known. If you are interested in helping students with their portion of the school fees, make a gift to our School Fees/Books/Uniform fund. These gifts are made available to the school leadership to distribute to students. We cannot guarantee that these funds will go to a specific student or family, but can ensure they will go to the students with the greatest needs.

If you have additional questions about Mission of Hope, Haiti’s Resolution for Indigenous Mobilization, please call 512-256-0835 or email sponsorship@mohhaiti.org.

+ Can I send money directly to my sponsored student and his or her family?

According to IRS regulations, Mission of Hope, Haiti cannot facilitate the exchange of money from one individual to another. Please do not send money to MOH to be delivered to your student. The money will be placed in a fund to support the School of Hope and made available to our school staff to be distributed to the students with the greatest needs.

Please use caution if asked by your student or student’s family to provide additional money. Mission of Hope believes strongly in our resolution for Indigenous Mobilization. We desire to strategically develop leaders to carry the vision of the nation. It is vital that the Haitian people are empowered to bring life transformation to their nation through Haitians at the School of Hope, Church of Hope, etc. Please encourage your student to go to the school and church staff to make their needs known. In this way, your student is lovingly connected to a community of Haitian Christ-followers that will be able to impact the student’s life on a daily basis.

If you have additional questions about Mission of Hope, Haiti’s Resolution for Indigenous Mobilization, please call 512-256-0835 or email sponsorship@mohhaiti.org.

+ Can I send correspondence to my sponsored student? How and where do I send it?

Yes! Throughout the year we encourage you to send notes of encouragement, letters, and birthday cards to your student. Your correspondence will initiate a response, and through that correspondence, both you and your student have the opportunity to share your lives with each other, as well as to relationally proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Correspondence options currently include:

  1. Email letters and photos. To do this, create a My MOH account, then click on “My Sponsorships,” and click “Write to (your student’s name)” button. Once your letter has been received, it will be translated into Creole, and delivered to your student. You should expect to receive a translated response from your student within three to four months. Please allow more time during the summer months, as students are not in school at this time.
  2. Purchase a gift from our Online Gift Store in your My MOH account to be bought in Haiti and delivered in your name. Your money will help support the local economy in Haiti. This process can take two to three months for the purchase of the gifts and delivery to each school on a monthly basis. Gifts desired for Christmas or birthdays should be purchased online at least 2-3 months in advance.
  3. Mailing letters, cards, photos, and/or small, flat items to the MOH US Office*: PO Box 171500, Austin, TX 78717-1500. There are a few limitations to what can be sent. Envelopes should be no larger than 9” x 12” x ½”. No boxes of any size should be sent. Please clearly mark envelopes with your student’s name and student number. Please refrain from sending your student money. $1 USD is a lot of money to a Haitian student, and could put them at risk when they return home to their village after school.

* Without a reliable postal service in Haiti, MOH Staff hand carry and deliver mail directly to the School of Hope. Please understand this will considerably increase the amount of time it takes to get to your student.

+ What topics should I include and avoid in my letters? 

Mission of Hope students know that they are being sponsored and are very proud of their sponsorship. They love to hear from their sponsors. Be encouraging, tell them about you and your family, describe special holiday and family customs, include a Bible verse that has special meaning to you and tell them why, tell them that you are praying for them, and most importantly ask questions. Encourage your student to write back and/or draw pictures for you.

Please be sensitive to their economic situation. Avoid discussing the material aspects of your life, sending photos that show your possessions, sharing your home address, email address, or telephone numbers, using colloquialisms and slang, and suggesting your student come for a visit or promising to send them things.

+ Can I ask if my student believes in Christ or is a Christian?

Yes! Mission of Hope is a Christ-centered, church-based ministry. However, a student does not have to be Christian to benefit from Mission of Hope’s Student Sponsorship Program. Each student hears the Gospel taught in school and goes to Chapel as a part of the weekly school schedule. But neither the students nor their families are obligated to become Christians. Your letters and questions offer another opportunity for your student to hear the Gospel and demonstrate faith in action.

+ How often should I write? How often will my student write?

You may write to your sponsored student as often as you like; however, with 17 schools we deliver to each school once a month while school is in session (October-June).

Your letters will initiate a response from your student. It may take up to 3-4 months for you to receive a response from your student, depending on absences and holidays.

+ What should I expect from my correspondence with my student?

Your consistent letters and messages of love and support are instrumental in giving hope to your student. Your student is living and learning under circumstances much different from those in the United States. Please do not expect a traditional “pen-pal” type of relationship. Communication between cultures is always difficult, especially when this communication is written and between an adult and a student. All students will have the opportunity to draw a picture and/or write a message; however, please be aware of the age of your student. Students start school at 3 years old. Due to their situation, communication skills such as reading and writing may not be as age appropriate as you may experience in the US/Canada.

+ Can I send photographs to my student?

Definitely! When you write your student a letter online, you are given the opportunity to attach a photo. Please avoid sending pictures that may accentuate the economic differences between you and your student (e.g., homes, cars, etc.). Also please be aware of what is in the photo's background. Remember to include your sponsored student's name and number on each item you send. We reserve the right not to forward any photos that our staff considers inappropriate.

+ Why was my letter not delivered?

We standby the right to decline to forward any letters and materials that we view as incompatible with our ministry mission and vision, inappropriate in the Haitian culture, and/or threaten the safety of the student in any way.

+ Can I visit my student?

Yes! Visiting your sponsored student can be life-changing, for both yourself and your sponsored student. You can make this exciting experience a reality through participating in our mission trips, which allows the sponsors to meet and spend time with their sponsored student during their week in Haiti. You can email our Mission Trips Coordinator at missiontrips@mohhaiti.org for more information on scheduling your trip.

If you are going on a mission trip to Haiti and would like to meet your student, please sign in to your My MOH account and click on the green Visit my Child tab. The online form must be sent to us at least six (6) weeks in advance of your trip to be able to arrange transportation and schedule the monthly school visits to accommodate your request.

If you do not have a My MOH account, you can got to our website at www.mohhaiti.org and follow the link in the top right corner, My MOH, and set up your account. If for you do not wish to access the online portal, you can email us, sponsorship@mohhaiti.org, with the dates of your mission trip, name and number of your child(ren), and group/team name.

If you would like to start a sponsorship before your trip, you can visit our online catalog at www.mohhaiti.org, or email sponsorships@mohhaiti.org at least six (6) weeks in advance of your trip.

*Because our sponsorship program is a school-based program, we are only able to facilitate visits when school is in session. The students in Haiti are typically in school from October through the middle of June, excluding holidays.

+ When do I let MOH know that I want to visit my student?

In the past year, the Lord has allowed us to expand to 17 schools across Haiti. With this in mind, we ask that you please inform our U.S. Office Mission Trips Coordinator by emailing missiontrips@mohhaiti.org at least three weeks in advance of your trip with your name, the week you plan to visit, the group with which you are traveling, and your sponsored student’s name and number. You will be added to the sponsor visit schedule and our staff on the ground will set-up and facilitate your meeting during your stay. Thank you for letting us know in advance, as this allows us to plan vehicles, translators, as well as inform the schools, in order to coordinate your visits.

+ What can I expect when meeting my sponsored student?

Sponsor visits are set up through our Mission Trip Coordinator by emailing missiontrips@mohhaiti.org at least three weeks in advance to your trip. MOH Staff will schedule your meeting and accompany you to the School or Village of Hope at some point during your stay. A translator will be present to aid with communication. During this visit. please do not provide your personal contact information to your student. This request is for both the protection of the student, as well as yourself. If your student attends a school near the central MOH campus. it will require half of the day. If your student attends a school that is a considerable distance from the central MOH campus, it will require a full day of your trip schedule.

+ Can I bring a gift with me when I visit my student?

Yes! Some suggestions for gifts include: pens, pencils, small sharpener, markers, paper, stickers, and bookmarks; backpack; hair ribbons/barrettes for girls, and baseball caps for boys; picture books, Creole Bible, coloring books and crayons; clothes, such as skirts, blouses, pants, shirts, and socks; or simple toys, such as a jump rope, jacks, marbles, toy cars, dolls, and a soccer ball/basketball with ball pump.

*All gifts must be approved by MOH staff before being given to the student. MOH reserves the right to decline any gift that we view as incompatible with the ministry mission and vision, inappropriate in the Haitian culture, and/or threaten the safety of the student in any way. Please do not give your student money. $1 USD is a lot of money to a Haitian student and could put them at risk when they return home to their village after school.

+ Can I sponsor a student at orphanages other than the Village of Hope?

Mission of Hope does not have any legal or financial connection to studeents at any other orphanage, other than the Village of Hope. We have no control over how the funds are being spent; therefore, we do not sponsor students at other orphanages. We do, however, provide meals and medical care to many other orphanages.

+ Can students at other orphanages come to the School of Hope?

Yes. However it is completely up to the director of the orphanage to enroll the students with the Government School Directory at the appropriate time. Mission of Hope cannot force the orphanage director to enroll the students.

+ I received correspondence from Mission of Hope stating that my student is no longer attending the School of Hope. What does this mean?

Due to the transient and variable nature of the villages and families from which our students come, your student may no longer be able to attend the School of Hope at some point during your sponsorship. If this situation occurs with your student, you will be notified by the Student Sponsorship Coordinator as soon as possible, and you will be given the opportunity to sponsor another deserving student. Haiti is being transformed one student at a time, so would encourage you to continue your support by choosing another student. We are happy to assist you in this process.

+ What if I met a student in the village that I would like to sponsor?

Mission of Hope is working to reach every man, woman, and student in Haiti. As a part of our vision to empower the Haitian people, it is the student and their family’s responsibility to register for school. You can encourage the student in their responsibility to register for school by directing them to school administration at School of Hope or to their Village Champions for information.  Once a student is registered, they are part of our sponsorship program. We can check to see if a student is registered in our school and/or sponsored already. If the student is not registered, we encourage you to sponsor a student that is already registered in one of our MOH schools. By sponsoring a student that is already enrolled in our school, you are allowing us to lower registration fees, which allows more students to receive an MOH education.

+ What if I have other questions?

If you have additional questions about your student sponsorship, please contact our Student Sponsorship Coordinator at (512) 256-0835 Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm CST or email sponsorship@mohhaiti.org.

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Success Story

Meet Rosemarthe, Macdaline and Cindylove

"My name is Rosemarthe Dumezy (pictured far left). I have gone to Mission of Hope since 7th grade. It is a good school, and I love it so much. We have good principals and competent teachers. I am in the 13th grade, and Mission of Hope teaches me to love people more and respect my professors. It is the best school in the community. It also permits me to develop my education and teaches me more about God."

"Hello! I’m Macdaline Joseph (pictured in the center). I love my school so much because I have a good teacher. I started school at Mission of Hope in 7th grade, and now I am in Philo, the 13th grade. School as allowed me to advance in my education. It has taught me to respect people and succeed in my life. At Mission of Hope I learn how to pray to God and how to respect my friends and neighborhood. WOW! I love Mission of Hope School."

"I am Cindylove Jean Louis. Going to school has done many things for me. It has helped me live my life well. I have gone to Mission of Hope from Kindergarten through 13th grade. Without education you will have nothing in life. It renders me to worship the Lord. Each Monday and Friday, I can hear words to know God is alive. I love my school so much. Thank you Mission of Hope."

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