There are over
without parents
in haiti

Haiti's Need for
Orphan Care

There are over 400,000 children without parents in Haiti. Despite these staggering numbers, we believe God has a plan to give every child a hope and a future. The question to us as North Americans is this: Will we assume responsibility – the ability to respond – or will we allow God’s children to carry these burdens alone?

What We’re doing now

At the end of 2010, the children at our Hope House orphanage moved into the new Village of Hope. The village consists of 5 quads (5 buildings with 4 homes each = 20 total homes), as well as a new kitchen/dining area, playground, and sports pavilion.

There are over 62 wonderful children currently at the Village of Hope orphanage, ranging in age from infant to young adult. Children are provided 24-hour care by “mommies” who live on campus. Each mommy takes care of about 6 children, which provides the feeling of family and ensures each child is given attention. Pastors act as the spiritual fathers of these children, mentoring and discipling them alongside the mothers to provide a godly example of manhood and sonship. The children come in hopeless, and through Jesus, they now have great hope, both for this life and all eternity.

Our plans for 2015

The Bible is very clear on our responsibility to care for the fatherless. It is our desire to be an agent and facilitator of transformation in as many of these children’s lives as possible, serving as the hands of Christ to protect, redeem and transform His children and teaching local churches to take on this biblical call as well. Mission of Hope aims to help the orphans through the Village of Hope orphanage as well as partnerships with other orphanages throughout Haiti.


latest updates


Gilner and Julien

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April Birthdays

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January Birthdays - Village of Hope

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Blog Posts

latest posts


My Love Haiti Relationship

Angelie’s smile is contagious, and joy radiates from her, which is why she is such a familiar face on social media! Holly Hilderbrand, her Village of Hope sponsor, is passionate about Haiti and sponsoring Angelie! She shares her story below…“My ‘Love Haiti Relationship’ began the... Read More »

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Sweet Jeremiah

A week ago from right now I was ready to be home for the night. I wanted to curl up on my couch with a cup of tea, read a book and be done with my day. It wasn’t a bad day or anything; I was just tired and ready for the day to be over. Tuesdays, however, are my long day! So that wasn’t going to happen.... Read More »

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Village of Hope Summer Highlight Video

“I want to make something new & different for the summer so everyone can be happy & proud of this work. So everyone can have fun. We make it for fun. So everyone can enjoy it. All the kids, all the babies, all the mommies – everyone.” – Macline (center of above photo).Macline is one... Read More »

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Funds Needed

$150,000 to expand the House of Hope.

What you can do

Donate to the Village of Hope.

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