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Every year, Mission of Hope hosts thousands of Mission Trip participants from around the world at our two campuses. They participate in bringing life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti, while personally experiencing God’s transformation in their own lives, and taking that vision back to their own spheres of influence. Whether you are an individual or a person looking to lead a team, serving with MOH in Haiti is a great way to be a part of what God is doing!

Regardless of your skills or experience, there are ways for you to serve at Mission of Hope. Your week will include intentional ministry opportunities and evangelism outreach led by local Haitian leadership, or you can choose to fund and participate in Church Advancement projects, chosen by the church leaders in those villages as what could most help bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in that specific village. Visit this page for a sample list of village projects and associated costs. If you have medically licensed professionals, their week can be scheduled for a medical outreach focus. You are also encouraged to let your mission trip coordinator know of specific skill sets amongst your team members. Click here to request more information.

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The Mission Trip Experience

Posted by Carolina:
I am 16 years old and took my very first mission trip ever to Mission of Hope in June 2014. It was the most life changing experience I have ever encountered. While I was in Haiti, I worked with the medical mobile clinic. I saw so much pain and suffering and realized there is a huge need for medical help in Haiti. Since my experience with the medical mobile clinic, I believe God has called me to pursue a career as a missionary doctor. I am thankful for Mission of Hope and how God used them to display my calling in life. Mission of Hope has impacted my life by inspiring and encouraging me to become a missionary doctor to help bring life and health to Haiti. Apart from the medical side, Mission of Hope has impacted my life by opening my eyes to a suffering world outside of America. We see commercials on T.V. of starving kids and communities without clean water, but it's nothing like experiencing it first hand. Having the opportunity to interact with and just love on the people of Haiti made it so real. Before I went on my trip, I always thought of missions as more of a tiring job. I once read about a girl who left her family, moved to Uganda, and adopted a few kids. I remember reading it and thinking, "that girl is crazy, I would never in a million years want to do that." I thought about this girl and assumed she was miserable. But here I am, several months after my first encounter with missions and there is nothing I would rather do than give up everything and move to a country in need. Before I never saw the joy in missions. I didn't see the fulfillment that would come from helping and loving others. But now, I realize that there is so much joy and happiness in missions. There is a unique passion inside of us that is waiting to be released.

Posted by Courtney:
I had the honor of visiting Mission of Hope Haiti on a mission trip in February of 2012. The experience has had lasting effects on my life and the way I see the world (and missions). The biggest takeaway from the mission perspective is that it is, in fact, obtainable as something that can be experienced by anyone. For years it seemed that mission trips were only for people who were able to devote several years in the field. Missions today allow for glimpses of life outside of our posh American existence, and the experience changes us. There were many things that affected me in deep ways over the course of my trip. While I was there, the Lord exposed me to the suffering of the people of Haiti. Yes, there is much beauty there - but the Lord saw fit to break my heart for the people of Haiti in such a way that they will always be a part of me. On Valentine’s Day, 2012 I walked in for a Tuesday night church service on the MOH campus and immediately felt something slam into my knees with what seemed to be tremendous force – even though we were shoulder-to-shoulder walking en masse. I looked down, and this beautiful toddler boy was there. I picked him up and sat down in the nearest seat. In less than 60 seconds he fell fast asleep in my arms. He remained there in perfect comfort, even rolling over several times, throughout the 2+ hour service. I cried the entire time. I felt the Lord telling me that my son was a little toddler boy in Haiti. This perfect Valentine was a gift - a message of what was to come. A VERY long story short, with about a million God moments along the way, it is now shortly after Valentine’s Day 2015 – three years from that moment in time that changed my life forever. I am happy to say that I am two years and four months into an official adoption process. A year ago October I was referred a little boy. A toddler boy. From Haiti. I am awaiting finalization of this adoption at some point this year. As I mentioned, mission experience changes us. Changes us in a good way. I would say it is definitely NOT about how you are helping others, but how others are helping you see the world with a clearer view and change your priorities in life from that point forward. It was an experience I will never forget. So often, as Americans, we think we can go in and fix things and 'save' others. The experience saved me. I truly look forward to my son coming home and for us to return to Haiti together when he is old enough to serve together in some fashion. We will always keep the people of Haiti in our prayers. I am truly thankful for the experience.

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