96% of haitians lack
basic health coverage

The Need for
Health Care in Haiti

Health Care in Haiti Infographic

What We're Doing Now

The Clinic of Hope currently consists of a fully operational outpatient clinic, mobile clinic, prosthetics lab, and a community health program, and is amidst an expansion into a hospital focused on emergency care and maternal health. Our desire is to minister through patient education and the relief of suffering to as many patients as possible. Our mission is to fight the health risks Haitians face by serving through local churches and schools with on-going mobile clinics and community health initiatives, as we leverage these services to expand our Gospel impact in these communities.

31,444 patients
served in 2014
20,000 Haitians
educated through community health programs
15 villages
448 salvations
in 2014

What We are Doing to Improve Health Care in Haiti

Community Health Initiative (CHI)

What We’re Doing Now:
The goal of the community health program is to expand patient education and enable communities to live healthier, fuller lives.

By 2016:
Our plan is to reach out to over 500,000 Haitians through the Network of Hope and HaitiOne by training community health partners, increase sanitation standards, and continuing monthly mobile medical clinics.

The Need:
$375,000 for the Community Health Initiative: training 500,000 Haitian community health partners, building latrines, mobile clinics.

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Clinic of Hope

What We're Doing Now:
At the Clinic of Hope on our Main Campus, we typically treat between 70-100 people each day. Daily, our medical team of Haitian doctors, pharmacists, lab techs, and nurses are there to serve the people of Haiti with urgent needs. We are also able to provide quality medical and dental care to many unreached communities through our mobile clinics. The clinic is equipped with a pharmacy, lab, dentist facility, vision room, urgent care center, a procedure room and a prosthetics lab.

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Clinic of Hope Expansion

What We're Doing Now:
We are currently in the processes of finishing the Clinic of Hope expansion, which will expand our capacity to treat emergencies, provide surgical operations, and meet dental and vision needs. This expansion will include the opening of two operating suites, an eye clinic, and an emergency care facility.

By 2016:
Have a fully operational dental and vision clinic and a surgical suite at Clinic of Hope to begin mobilizing North American medical professionals to increase out ability to serve and minister to high-risk patients.

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Prosthetics of Hope

What We're Doing Now:
From its inception just after the earthquake, Prosthetics of Hope has been making limbs and giving Hope to those that are in need. Hundreds of Haitians still need the healing hands of a prosthesis, and MOH is committed to maintaining care for these individuals.

By 2016:
Providing prosthetic care to 500 people.

The Need:
Prosthetist volunteers and funding for prosthetic supplies.

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Health Care

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Mobile Clinic in Monaville

We had a Mobile clinic in Monaville was great we saw 220 patients in two days & 10 of them accepted Christ! God is so GOOD Read More »

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Mobile Clinic in Larousse

We had our first mobile clinic in Larousse and it was a great success! We saw 78 patients and 1 came to accept Jesus as their savior! God is good! Read More »

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Mobile Clinic in Turpin and Williamson

We had mobile clinics in Turpin and Williamson last week. We saw 500 patents and had 22 salvations!! We were also able to help 4 kids with severe malnutrition get food and formula. God is GOOD!... Read More »

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By 2016

Our plan is to finalize the clinic of hope expansion, increase weekly mobile medical clinics and reach out to over 500,000 Haitians through HaitiOne by training community health partners.

Funds Needed

$3330,000 for annual medical operating costs in Haiti

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