40% of haitian children

Will never
Go to school

Work with us to change this

The Need for
Education in Haiti

For every 100 children in Haiti, 40 will never go to school. Of the 60 children who do, 42 will complete primary school, 20 will attend secondary school programs, and only 5 students will go on to graduate from high school. We’re working to change that! Quality education is vital in our effort to improve the economic structure of Haiti.

What We’re doing now

The School of Hope has approximately 6,000 students enrolled per school year in Kindergarten through High School. Mission of Hope has emerged in the top 5% of schools in the country.

6000+ students
educated daily
4 MOH schools
and 13 partner schools educating children
passing rate on government exams
nutritious meals served daily

Our Vision

School of Hope

Our goal is to continue expanding opportunities to the 40% of children who lack the opportunity to receive an education. MOH will also work to train and empower local teachers within the Network of Hope with materials, updated curriculum and teaching seminars promoting best practices. Ultimately we hope to reach a network of over 100 schools.
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Mwen Kapab

We are working to write a Christ-centered curriculum with American and Haitian educators that can be used in every school throughout Haiti. This curriculum, known as “Mwen Kapab” or “I can” in English.
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projects under way


latest updates


School Line Up

Morning line up at the new Dobbs and Reed Eddings Primary School in Minoterie! We are so excited to see the life transformation that is going to happen through this school! Read More »

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Dedication of the Dobbs and Reed Eddings Primary School

Today at Mission of Hope, we celebrate the opening of a new primary school in Minoterie, Haiti and memorialize the lives of Dobbs and Reed Eddings, who lost their lives in a car crash in Charlotte,... Read More »

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First Week of School

Soudnel, Soudline and Mackenlove are excited for about the first week in school in Haiti! Read More »

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Blog Posts

latest posts


College Graduation

College graduation is an incredible moment and accomplishment in a person’s life.  But in Haiti it is especially significant since less than 1% of high school graduates ever receive a secondary education.  We recently spoke with some college graduates who work with Mission of Hope or attended school... Read More »

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The I Can Project

  It’s in the winds that blow over the mountains; it’s in the rumbles of thunder as they pass us over in the night; it’s in the voices of the Haitians as they lift their song to heaven.  A cry, a longing, a plea for restoration and empowerment. Our squad has heard the cry in Haiti.... Read More »

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  We currently have 3 positions to fill at the orphanage so for the past two weeks we have been doing interviews. I have done numerous interviews over the years, and yet I am always surprised what I find out when I ask personal questions. In these interviews we ask what level of education... Read More »

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Our plans for the future

School of Hope: Reaching a network of over 100 schools.

Mwen Kapab: Provide 100,000 students with our Mwen Kapab Christ-centered curriculum.

What you can do

Donate to the School of Hope. Your donation will help us open our doors to more children.

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