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God’s plans are the BEST!

By Donna Harrison and Kerry Smelser |

It is always an awesome blessing to hear stories of how God is moving through MOH.  We know He desires to bring the people of Haiti to Him and He certainly uses many different people and methods to do so; recently Blake Steczkowski, a student at Texas A&M, shared his story of how God pursued him to serve the people of Haiti!“Ever since... Read More


We Are All Children of God

By Kelsey Morgan | Categories: Mission Trips

I could probably write a small novel about how my trip to MOH/Haiti has impacted my life, but I would say the biggest way is that it reminded me that we are all children of God.  No matter where you live, we all love the same God. On my 2nd trip to MOH, we went to Leveque for village time.  The very first house we approached, we met a lady, Olivia.  We... Read More


My Haiti Story

By Mackenzie | Categories: Mission Trips

My story of MOH almost seems unbelievable. For as long as I can remember, my heart has beat for Haiti and it's people. Whenever I would see pictures of beautiful Haitians or Haiti itself, my heart would well up and I knew what passion was. I dreamed of visiting but fear kept me from hopping the small pond and jumping into love. Summer of 2013, while... Read More


Learning to Trust

By Kelci Haydocy | Categories: Medical

“Every night when I go to bed, I worry about how I’ll fulfill all the promises I’ve made. And every morning when I wake up, I think I haven’t made enough promises.” Dr. Paul FarmerI have always been a busy person – between school, sports, and all my other extracurriculars, long days have become somewhat synonymous with normal life. But Haitian days are different. Most days feel like entire weeks and when my head hits the pillow the mental... Read More


3 Cords Rocks Texas

By Kerry Smelser | Categories: 3 Cords

What do Haitians, Texans, and Grammy award winning musicians all have in common?  Spirit Fest, Central Texas’ largest family Christian music festival!  In November, the 3 Cords business was provided the opportunity to be a sponsor and have a booth at Spirit Fest!  This was by far the biggest event they’d ever considered and it carried a lot of risk in terms of... Read More


Christmas in Haiti

By Rachel Durban |

This was my first Caribbean Christmas & it was one for the record books. I will never forget it, the laughter, the joy, the memories made. I took so many photos, & it’s just too difficult to narrow them all down…so, here is a glimpse at my 4 day Haiti Christmas Celebration! December 23Am I the... Read More


Trusting God's Plan

By Britney Daniel |

This year’s Thanksgiving was unlike all past snowy celebrations spent in North Dakota, which are always spent with family, friends, food, and football in front of the fireplace. This year, I spent this 90-degree Thanksgiving day with prostitutes.Today was an unusually unusual work day for me. I stepped away from my typical tasks this morning to visit a... Read More

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