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True Champions

By Donna Harrison | Categories: Church Advancement

A champion is one who fights for a cause or for another person, and this is the perfect description of our Village Champions. Each of the 37 members of this elite group, covering 11 church advancement focus villages, are fighting for the common mission to reach every man, woman and child with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ.  They must live in the village they serve and pass... Read More


A Beautiful Saturday

By Rachel Durban |

  Saturdays are my day off. Some Saturdays are quiet & restful – spent at home reading, hammocking, & doing laundry. Other Saturdays are spent at the beach or the grocery store. This particular Saturday was different than the “norm” & little did I know – it was exactly what my heart needed.Several of us ladies had signed up for a... Read More


Sweet Jeremiah

By Katie Anderson | Categories: Orphanage

A week ago from right now I was ready to be home for the night. I wanted to curl up on my couch with a cup of tea, read a book and be done with my day. It wasn’t a bad day or anything; I was just tired and ready for the day to be over. Tuesdays, however, are my long day! So that wasn’t going to happen. The selfish part of me even wished for a little bit of... Read More


Reckless Abandonment

By Raquel Stoltzfus | Categories: Medical

Wow! I can’t believe I’m sitting here writing a 1 year blog. I knew this year would go fast, but I did not expect it to go as quickly as it did. I don’t even know where to begin. How can I ever put into words my experience over this past year? I wish I could just give you my journal to read & understand what has happened in my heart, but I will do my best... Read More


The Vision of 3 Cords

By Donna Harrison | Categories: 3 Cords

  Did you know a Zizi bag or a headband has the power to help change a nation? The team at 3 Cords knows, and they are working diligently to see it happen!  This year marks the 4th anniversary of this social enterprise, which trains and empowers physically handicapped Haitian women and men as artisans sending the message, both to them and the nation, that they are beautiful and... Read More


You Revive Me.... A Season of Growth

By Elizabeth Billingslea |

I have the ability to get lost in a song.  I’m not sure if this is really an “ability” as I would hope everyone has the “ability” to feel lyrics and melodies penetrate to the very depths of their heart and soul.  With eyes closed, humming the tune as it becomes more and more familiar.  Meditating on the combination of words placed... Read More


Transformation: A heart at a time

By Kerry Smelser |

  Over the past few weeks I have been tested and confronted on several fronts.  Last month, the staff of MOH was challenged to fast as we considered God’s vision and provision for MOH over the next year.   In fasting, we were also led to pray for different areas of MOH and the staff and to focus on time with God, just simply being still and waiting on... Read More

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