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You Revive Me.... A Season of Growth

By Elizabeth Billingslea |

I have the ability to get lost in a song.  I’m not sure if this is really an “ability” as I would hope everyone has the “ability” to feel lyrics and melodies penetrate to the very depths of their heart and soul.  With eyes closed, humming the tune as it becomes more and more familiar.  Meditating on the combination of words placed... Read More


Transformation: A heart at a time

By Kerry Smelser |

  Over the past few weeks I have been tested and confronted on several fronts.  Last month, the staff of MOH was challenged to fast as we considered God’s vision and provision for MOH over the next year.   In fasting, we were also led to pray for different areas of MOH and the staff and to focus on time with God, just simply being still and waiting on... Read More


The I Can Project

By Deborah Bitzer | Categories: Education

  It’s in the winds that blow over the mountains; it’s in the rumbles of thunder as they pass us over in the night; it’s in the voices of the Haitians as they lift their song to heaven.  A cry, a longing, a plea for restoration and empowerment. Our squad has heard the cry in Haiti. We’ve seen the longing and sought out a solution to the plea.... Read More


Village of Hope Summer Highlight Video

By Rachel Durban | Categories: Orphanage

“I want to make something new & different for the summer so everyone can be happy & proud of this work. So everyone can have fun. We make it for fun. So everyone can enjoy it. All the kids, all the babies, all the mommies – everyone.” – Macline (center of above photo).Macline is one of the older girls that lives at MOH in the Village of Hope.Her idea this summer was to make a music/highlight video of activities throughout the... Read More


Some Thoughts on Inguinal Hernias, Random people, Lost Sheep, and The Great Physician.

By Kelci Haydocy | Categories: Medical

The first time I really met Kleffson was this past December. I was in Haiti visiting friends on my break from school. I went with my friend, Miseline, to visit her family in the village right next to us. I had met her family several times before but honestly there was just so many of them in such a small area that it was impossible to keep track of who was who.  Mise, the mother, has 10... Read More


Life Transformation Through VBS

By Bailey Adkins | Categories: VBS

I stepped off the plane for the first time in Haiti as a 17-year-old girl on a mission trip.  The experience brought me back the next summer as an intern, and the following 3 summers as well!  When the staff children needed a teacher, my education was my ticket back again for a six month assignment. That summer I also helped with VBS and fell in love with the program! After 8 years... Read More


MOH: Through the eye of the beholder

By Kerry Smelser |

One of the most amazing things about my trip to MOH this summer was seeing how the vision of "life transformation" was played out in such a variety of ways. I used to teach elementary school and one of my favorite stories to teach was the folktale about the blind men who are asked to describe an elephant. You remember …  one will tell you that the elephant... Read More

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