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MOH: Through the eye of the beholder

By Kerry Smelser |

One of the most amazing things about my trip to MOH this summer was seeing how the vision of "life transformation" was played out in such a variety of ways. I used to teach elementary school and one of my favorite stories to teach was the folktale about the blind men who are asked to describe an elephant. You remember …  one will tell you that the elephant... Read More


His Grace Abounds

By Amanda Johnson |

  Something really sweet happened last week during the last week of VBS. First, lets rewind to week three of VBS. Monday morning, a group of about 430 kids from Titanyen came in the front door of the church for VBS. Every morning I would stand and greet the kids as they came in. Have you ever had one of those moments where you meet someone and know that... Read More



By Donna Harrison | Categories: Agriculture

While it may seem shocking by some images published, the fertile land of Haiti would be coveted by farmers all across the American heartland. In merely two years, Mission of Hope has been able to support and aid over 800 farmers in the village of Turpin and surrounding areas to grow crops that are needed within their communities and country.  On a recent trip to... Read More



By Kerry Smelser | Categories: Medical

  One of the key words in Mission of Hope’s vision statement is transformation, referring to the transformation that Jesus can do in the life of every man, woman and child in Haiti.  Transformation is palpable in Haiti and can be... Read More


Vacation Bibile School

By Amanda Johnson | Categories: VBS

   VBS is six weeks long here at Mission of Hope. Every week we have a VBS happening on our Central Campus, North Campus, and Off Campus in a village. We just finished week three, which means we’re halfway done. VBS here in... Read More


What Will Your Story Be?

By Kerry Smelser | Categories: Mission Trips

You really never know what will happen when you are in Haiti!  Recently, I had the privilege of returning to MOH to work with Brooke Fasnacht and her team who handle all the child sponsorship details on the Haitian side.  I was excited to be returning since my previous trip had... Read More


Passion for Haiti

By Krista L. |

Sami Anderson is an 8th grade student at Galena Middle School in Galena, IL. This year her school had an activism focused unit and she decided to present about Mission of Hope and the work that is being done in Haiti. Haiti holds a special place in Sami's heart. Her sister was adopted from there and her family when on a mission trip at MOH the... Read More

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